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    Hosted Exchange (email) - feedback

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to sign up with a service that hosts MS Exchange + Blackberry Enterprise Server and I have less than 10 users so shared is fine with me. I've narrowed it down to MailStreet, ASP-One (Apptix), AppRiver and Intermedia.NET. They all seem so similar and the pricing is virtually identical. I tried to sign up online with ASP-One and they have some sort of an issue with their credit card processing - they rejected my perfectly valid card! (Oops for them). Mailstreet has some negative comments that ring true on a jkontherun blog (google it).

    My main concern is uptime/reliability - I don't want to lose any client emails. Does anyone have personal experience (positive or negative) with these services? If so, please speak up.
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    I used Intermedia briefly this summer - they weren't bad at all but they were a bit pricey for what I needed them for. Personally, I think that for business-grade Exchange hosting - Intermedia is probbably one of the best out there.

    Case in point: When I first got the account, my Blackberry didn't want to sync properly with their server (OTA Activation) - they took 2 hours out of their day and got RIM on the phone and we troubleshooted the issue until it was resolved (apparently my carrier was blocking some of the init messages that were being sent from their servers to my device). I think most any other provider would just say your SOL.

    I happened to be outside of the US at the time as well (I was roaming on another carriers network using my home networks SIM).

    They get the nod from me.
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    I have never accually used them but i'v heard quite abit about them, and everything i'v heard has been really good so...
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    Hello, I am not certain if they support Blackberry Enterprise server, however, you may want to take a look at as well.
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