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    Spyware Blaster - Question

    Greetings. I have a very simple question. Either I'm not looking close enough or I'm just completely dumb out of my mind, but when you are in Spyware Blaster is there not a button or section in which you can remove spyware from your computer? Is this something Spyware Blaster does not do? If it doesn't then what good is this thing? -- If removing sypware is something it doesn't do, other than Ewido what is another free and very useful spyware blocker/remover tool?

    Thanks in advanced .

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    Moved to a forum better suited to your needs.

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    I've not used Spyware Blaster so can't comment on that (although it would seem a bit silly to make a program that tells you about a problem but doesn't fix it!)

    I use the following:

    Spybot Search and Destroy
    Windows Defender
    CCleaner (Not spyware removal but useful to run after the others have done their job as one final cleanup of the registry and temp files.)

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    unfortunately I do not use spyware blaster either or in that fact never have heard of it. I use spyware doctor which i feel does the job just fine and it has a easy to use interface. It can also prevent spyware from getting onto your pc while your using it online, which I find really useful. - Website Design and Development from as low as 250 euros (limited time only) - 15yrs experience.

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    SpywareBlaster doesn't detect or remove anything. It's preventing malicious ActiveX objects from being installed, and blocking known bad websites.

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