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    [Wanted] visual basic programer for basic project

    Hi am looking for someone to help me out on a very basic vb project i need doing the program will for a lab were equipment is marked down in a box next to the componet name then the totol is work out and then a return button is press and the person can enter the stuff they have got out and if whats out dose is not the same as given in an alert come up next to the componet i understand this may not be the best of forums to post on so if someone can tell me a better viual basic froum with a job bit pm it to me please

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    This is the right forum but your job description makes no sense to me. Can you write it out again clearly?

    From what I understand:

    You want a program for a lab to record equipment being taken in / put back

    Maybe it's best to draw what you want and attach it to this thread? Also post a budget as well, I presume this is a school project of some sort?

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    A school project, with grammar like that? I would help but I have no idea what you are talking about.

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    We can offer Visual Basic Programming Services:

    Can you please email me with more details at:

    chris.allen {aT]

    If you are in the UK you can also PM me a telephone number and i'll give you a call!

    Chris Allen
    Technical Director
    UK National Networks LTD

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    I can help you with the program but can you pl. explain your requirements once again..

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    hi thanks for replying sorry for not making what I want very clear but Hecky no need to take the piss what I need is a very basic visual basic program that allows me to select a group from a list box and then for each enter the amount of hardware taken out during a session and finally enter what has been returned in small boxes next to the hardware name. The system then needs to display a message to say what hardware has not been returned I also need it so the picture on the right changes when each hardware input value box is selected this is as clear as I can make it if you need any more info or need me to clear anything up just let me no I have started the design and this can be downloaded from budget wise I am looking for a low price as I donít think this is a to big a job for someone who is good in vb but give me a price and are let you no.


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    Try the return key to make your posts clearer.

    Perhaps if you wrote up a quick use case people would understand better. Your statement really isn't clear at all (perhaps because English is not your first language).

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