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Thread: .name or ccTLD?

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    .name or ccTLD?

    I need a domain for family, ie. surname.something. Popular ones, com/net/org, are taken, so I'm left with either .name or some ccTLD. What's your opinion, which is better? I don't think I've seen many .name domains in use so maybe ccTLD would be better, even if it's from a wrong country.

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    well, I prefer .cc if com/net/org is not available anymore...
    or even .ws (website) isn't that bad...

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    .NAME has to be the worst extention ever. I'd go with a ccTLD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slider32
    .NAME has to be the worst extention ever. I'd go with a ccTLD.
    I agree...

    If not a .com/net/org go with something small... cheaper ones may be best, like .ws, .us or even a .info.

    .name is .lame....
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    My preference would be in this order:

    1. Slight variation with .com eg or Clan? Tribe?
    2. familyname.ccTLD if available for country you live in or are from or family is from.
    4. familyname.otherccTLD

    Forget .name. There's something odd with subdomains and .name isn't there?

    I wouldn't go .biz either. Or .mobi.

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    I think Gazebo has had the best, most comprehensive suggestion so far. For 4, I'd suggest .cc, even if the purists hate the idea of using a ccTLD other than where you are located, it's short, memorable, and a popular choice. If you are from USA definitely take .us as your first choice.
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