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    Data Center Near Philadelphia?

    Anyone know of/suggest any data centers in the Philadelphia area?

    Looking to move some co-lo servers to a closer DC.

    If you represent one and want to contact me feel free.


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    We are about 2-3 hours from you Scranton PA...not sure how "close" you need the data center to be, but we are in driving distance. In Philly specifically, give Datarealm a call... ...smaller company but should be able to work you a deal...otherwise check out NetAccess ( they are the biggest player in Philly datacenters pretty much....but they cost...

    Sean R.

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    I checked out a little while ago and they were very nice.

    They are just over the Betsy ross Bridge in New Jersey. Nice data center and good prices. They have dedicated or shared bandwidth from some top providers (don't remember who off the top of my head).

    Ask for Joe, tell him I sent you!!!

    Let me know if you need more info as I have a complete literature pack here.
    Matt Kelly
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    NetCarrier has a DataCenter about 5 miles from center city philadelphia... in Cherry Hill(west) New Jersey
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    check out the following colos

    I have not used their service so I cannot comment or guarantee how good service they offer, but you asked it

    ps. netaxs has been acquired by fast net

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    We second Host Remote. The ownership is a solid team, the company is debt free, and they work with reliable 3rd parties.

    We are going to visit their data center on the 27th of this month.

    Qwest also has a facility near / at Levittown, PA.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    We just got back from visiting Host Remote's data center (not far from Philadelphia).

    They have their data center in a secure, non-descript building with no one above or below them.

    They have all of the technologies that the big boys have, but without having put themselves into debt to get there.

    We visited Qwest's facility in Levittown, PA and while it was approximately 10 times the size of Host Remote, it was also empty (maybe one rack).

    Host Remote appears to be building right where they have capacity without having over capacity.

    Pricing appears to be competative, and they have open racks where you can rent a shelf, half racks, full racks, and cages.

    All in all a nice visit. We plan to check them out with one or more servers before this year is out.

    Give Joe Ferri a call at 1-856-786-6110 if you have questions. Joe's one of the owners, and conducted our tour.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    try ...

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    Switch and Data has a dc in philly.

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    we are about 1 1/2 hours in NJ

    come on by for tour
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    Most of the companies that have a dc in philly use the Broad St.'s a large telecom building.

    There are others but anyone in philly generally is there.

    I second host remote again.
    Matt Kelly
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