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    Would this help SEO

    Got a question SEO take content and on some websites its not always easy to get a lot of content on the front page, well how would a section of text hidden by javascript work, or a div completely hidden?

    Would google still look at this content even though the user cant read it?

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    Yes Google will still look at the code and probably penalise you for trying to fool them.

    Google is the second largest software company in the world ( They have a lot more resources than anyone to develop systems that will detect 'fake' content.
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    lol i know they are a big company, i have seen it done on other sites but not done very well, would they bother to look if the content was the same as everything else on the site, just a few added extras, or for example the content described the images in detail better than an alt could

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    err~I dont knoe about that, but I know sothink dhtmlmenu7 do more friendly to the search engine.

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    you like advertising them don't you!

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    You will suffer a penalty and possible ban from google and others for using hidden text. It should never be used a long with small unreadable text those are black hat seo tactics and they might work for a little while then bam you are penalized. IMHO it is not even wroth trying because if you get banned good luck getting back in.

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    i no a site thats using it and is number 3 on google for a important keyword.

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    Don't play with hiding text. Or if you really need, just remember to include those hidden content in page foundable through your sitemap.

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    nice question. before you add any content in your site, remember you are meant it for web browsers. if visitors of your site won't be able to read it then what will be the value of that content.

    when you write some thing hidden then it regards as a spamy technique, for which you may have to bear a heavy penalty. your site may vanish for ever.

    always write for your visitors and design your site for human being not for the search engines. don't give anything hidden in your site.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deastwood
    i no a site thats using it and is number 3 on google for a important keyword.
    hi deastwood,

    let me give you an examle; spamy techniques are the deseases. when desease of cancer starts the patient does not feel it in it's earlier stage and when you see that person you won't be able to mark him or her as a cancer patient. but after few days it shows every symptoms within that person, which leads him or her to death.

    what i want to say is: that particular site is doing a spammy practice. to day that site has incurred a page rank of three but tomorrow it may loose every thing.

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