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    Need help with new server.

    I currently have a server that runs intensive Java and a MySQL databases. Server specs are:
    Dual Xeon with HT 2.67GHz (non EMT64)
    2GB of DDR reg ecc (PC2100)
    2 SATAII hard drives
    32bit Windows 2003 server
    Average CPU usage 15-50%
    Average Memory usage 1.5gigs, 1.5gig page file.

    System I am looking to get:
    Dual Opteron or dual core opteron (2.2GHz)
    4GB of DDR reg ecc (PC3200)
    2 SATAII drives (or maybe 2 raptors)
    64bit Windows 2003 server
    Will be going with Softlayer.

    Question is, will the dual opteron be worth the upgrade in terms of performance? Its nice have the 4 threads on the Xeon but the Opterons should still perform better. Also, would I get a noticalbe boost in Java and MySQL performance in 64bit over 32bit?

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    Be sure this,

    MYSQL and PHP applications run BETTER than Pentium on AMD (on Opteron 242 or better CPUs)
    These were tested on too many web pages before.

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    The server will be more intensive in the Java and MySQL area doing around 50-150 queries per second. Would using 64bit version of windows 2003 run them with a noticable increase in performance?

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    Since i couldnt edit my first post i had to make another. I just saw i could get a Dual Xeon dual core with HT for around the same price, so in the end having 8 threads instead of the 2 from AMD, or would the AMD setup still out perform it?

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