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    Text & Banner spots on Huge PR5 MySpace & Xanga Profile Arcade Site.

    Text & Banner spots on Huge MySpace & Xanga Profile Arcade Site.
    Your ad will be on ALL indexed pages!
    Buy your subscription by Paypal or pay once off.
    30’000 to 100’000 visitors/month.
    1’000’000 pageviews avg/month.

    Current Spots are available –

    468x60 Header Banner
    Price: $20/month
    Banners in rotation: 2
    Position: Above the fold, index page.
    Text Link in ‘Cool Links’.

    These will sell fast.
    Please go here to book your subscription -
    Book Here.

    Please email – [email protected] or PM me with any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_M
    Do you have any stats?
    PM'ed link to stats.

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    Can we see stats........

    Where the link will appear? in the home page or the vistort will have to click on more cool links to view the link??????

    Let me know

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    Thank you for your post.

    Test links are visible on ALL pages of the site.
    Banner only on the index page.

    Pm'ed you the stats link.

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    Interested, but I am getting a PR4 in my toolbar, not 5.

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    The site has been fluctuating on PR between 4 & 5 durung googles update, but I expect it to settle on 5.

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