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    Looking for a Promoter is expanding outside it's operating base, Israel, to worldwide operations.
    We are currently looking for a talented promoter to promote our hosting services.
    We specialize in Windows hosting by providing a fast, highly secure and reliable service.
    What we're looking for is someone who hangs out on web hosting and webmaster related forums and sites and will be there to offer our services to people who are in need of hosting, answer all hosting requests and put the name 75Host in every place possible.

    The salary is cut in the following way:
    50% off all sales made by you + bonuses.

    In conclusion, what we need is a serious promoter for our services, if you think you got what it takes we want you.
    We are only looking for one person, this is not an affiliate program.

    Feel free to call for more details - 860-967-0959 (US), Mike.
    Windows ASP/ASP.NET Hosting at it's best.

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    Dont you offer any other payment methods per promote for example? Just per sales?


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    What we offer is only per sale (50% off every sale you make), just read the text above.
    Windows ASP/ASP.NET Hosting at it's best.

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    Is this offer still open? Also, how are sales tracked? I am highly interested in speaking with you about this opportunity, perhaps by pm?
    Daniel B., CEO - and
    Hosting Solutions Optimized for: WordPress Joomla OpenCart Moodle
    Data Centers in: Chicago (US), London (UK), Sydney (AU), Sofia (BG), Pori (FI)
    Email Daniel directly: ceo [at]

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    It's still open, yes.
    Sales are tracked using our affiliate script.
    Feel free to PM me.
    Windows ASP/ASP.NET Hosting at it's best.

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