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Thread: cgi stuff...

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    cgi stuff...

    How can i emable cgi files to be run..

    as i am getting.

    Execution of (jesters) is not permitted for the following reason:
    User not

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    You would be better off to ask your Hoster about this.
    They know how your account is setup and can easily correct any problems like this. - for all your Hosting needs
    Helping people Host, Create and Maintain their Web Site
    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    i am attempting to setup the account on my own server..

    its an RAQ4i

    i don't have a host

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    make sure the cgi is owned by a user that is a "siteadmin" and is excuteable (chmod 755 filename)

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    Remember that the Raq uses cgiwrap. Depending on your OS and setup, you may need to call the cgi program with an URL like: http://<your-domain>/cgiwrapDir/cgiwrapd/<mycgi.cgi>

    As noted above, <mycgi.cgi> also must be owned by the site admin and 0755 permissions.

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    Cgiwrap is taken care of automatically in the native Cobalt OS. The CGI runs with the permissions of the file owner, and also must be chmod 0755. Your user shouldn't have to be a site admin, as long as it's not trying to do anything that would need site admin access (like creating/writing to files in the domain's web directory). If you do need to create/write to files, then the user that owns the script must be a site admin for the domain. - LAMP and LAMP+SSL HowTo - Cobalt FAQs and HowTos

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    Exclamation Cobalt RaQ4 how to for .cgi and .pl

    kind of a strange way to look at it...

    ok.. here is the thing.. 99.9% of the time we talk in terms of the "website" and not the users web directory / webspace ie: and not

    First it should be very clear that a user can run a "cgi" in their web directory just by putting the file there and making it excuteable (755). For Example: works and we can all see a nice Hello World

    Now when we move the file to the sites web directory it will not run because burce is not a siteadmin. For Example: btw... root did this move and not bruce because bruce can't put files in the sites web directory... and well.. I'm just root all the time anyway... and on that note... The User root won't work either... For Example:

    A Wonderful Cobalt querk is the way the user admin will work! For Example: However it's important to note that this is not always true and that's another story...

    The Bottom line is that when you make a site you should make a user for that site and make them a siteadmin and use that user for cgi's as needed... this is also done for added security.

    Cgi's can be located anywhere in the web directory and should work when called directly... Like above...

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