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    Error Contest Sponsored by Interspire

    TroubleShoot-Guide for Errors, OR a Howto-Tutorial
    A Competition Hosted By supported By

    Write A TroubleShoot-Guide for Errors, OR a Howto-Tutorial
    We are giving away the greatest and most inspiring Software in the field to the best tutorials we receive.

    The 1st 3 lucky Winners will receive the a copy of + software package
    sponsored by Interspire. Ofcourse the tutorial will be featured on the front page of Errorforum.

    So what is this competion all about?
    Our mission statement is to provide the Online community with Guide to Troubleshoot most of the common errors they face on day to day basis or good Howto Document . so they can learn, teach and help each other to Trouble Shoot and Prevent these Errors. By organizing this competition we try to encourage the Member to share his/her knowledge with the community and give him/her something back in return.

    What do I need to do?
    Write a TroubleShoot Document for Most common errors you daily face or a Good Howto Tutorail which will be Help for the Community

    What makes my Entry a winner?
    That's a good question. Writing a TroubleShoot Document or a Howto Tutorial is not and easy thing to do. Here are some things that we think are important for your entry :
    What the Document is about must be interesting for our community

    * Tutorials should be written in proper English
    * Should be Easy to Understand
    * Should be Detailed

    It's not the difficulty of the things taught that makes a tutorial the best it's the way you explain something.
    There are lots of good and bad examples on the web. Try to find a good balance between text, images, videos, downloads, sounds, flash, etc that you use in your tutorial.

    What are the rules?
    No competition is without rules:

    * The tutorial must be yours.
    * Tutorials can be submitted Error Forum Competetion category until Novemebr 15th . Tutorials received after that date will not be Considered.
    * Tutorials posted in the Specifed Forum is posted in other Forum than the competition forum will not be Considered.
    * The Entires will all remain invisible for the public until November 15th .
    * After this date they will be available for review online for a month until Novemember 30th .
    * You are allowed to upload as much tutorials as you like.
    * The jury, consisting of the Interspire team ,Error Community Staff, will decide which tutorials will be the winners and no one else. We will announce the winners on December 3rd! Corresponding on the decision of the jury is not possible.

    Feel free to contact [email protected] when you have any questions about the competition or when you are facing difficulties uploading the tutorial.

    for more information visit this thread
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