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    problems with cancelation

    I have been with rct for like 4 years now, and since the past half (one) year I began to be very irritated with their service. So for the sake of very satisfying service the first 3 years I decided to give them time to fix all the problems they have....

    That seemed long, and even now I have my site offline couple of times a week.

    What the problem is, that now when I want to cancel their service before next payment term, they do not answer my tickets.
    Usually I had to wait for about 2 or 3 days, but now it has been two weeks (to be accurate 18 days), and not a word from them...
    My next payment term is about to be charged on 23.10.2006. and I fear they will not contact me until then.

    What should I do????

    Thank you!

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    Keep records of everything you do in your attempt to cancel that account. If they charge you again and they still fail to heed your requests for account cancellation (and refund if they do charge you), contact your bank. You'll probably be able to do a chargeback and deny them further charges.

    Their TOS currently states:

    Cancellation and Refunds
    You may cancel your account at anytime. Refunds will not be given after the first 30 days of your account activation (for accounts opened after 6/26/03 only. Accounts opened before 6/26/03 have a 14 day money back guarantee). If you choose to cancel your account just let us know BEFORE your next billing cycle. If your account is less than 30 days old you will qualify for a refund. In some cases we may charge a $5 processing fee.

    Be aware that we do not offer refunds on renewal fees paid after the first year, no exceptions! You MUST cancel BEFORE your renewal date if you do not want to renew.


    DO NOT perform a chargeback with your bank if you failed to cancel your recurring bill before your renewal date. By agreeing to our terms, you agree to NOT perform a chargeback and you agree that if you do perform a chargeback you WILL be required to pay the chargeback fee of $25 that we incur. There is no exception to this term.

    It seems like you did follow the correct procedure.

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    I would contact 2Co and make sure you cancel with them before your renewal date, they should have sent you an email when you signed up with RCT stating how to cancel if your on a subscription payment.
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    thank you guys for your kind replies, I will contact 2co, hope it will lead to some results.

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    Cancellation of recent payments with 2CO will lead to a $24 fee for RCT on each payment you cancel, just an FYI.
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