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    * system integrity monitor

    Iv recently finished a new version of my SIM shell utility and thought id field it here to get comments.

    The new version features:
    - HTTP, FTP, DNS service monitoring
    - event alerts of serivce downtime
    - auto restart ability for downed services
    - checks against network sockets & process list to ensure services are online
    - HTTP log size monitor, to avoid segfaults from apache due to large logs
    - system load monitor with customizable warnings
    - auto system restart with definable critical load level
    - informative command line status display
    - easily customizable configuration file
    - simple installer script
    - and more...

    Since my last post for SIM, iv improved cross platform support i hope. Any comments or input for features would be of great help. SIM is idealy run on redhat compatible servers with little to no modification (in paticular stock redhat and ensim servers).
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    This script is Really Great!! Thanx alot for the creator of this script! I got no more worries about services going down on my servers. I dowloaded this script, took me about 1 min to install and setup the whole thing.

    Very Useful!

    Syan S.

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