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    WHR looking for irc server donations.

    WebHostingRadio is looking for someone to donate irc servers for part of our irc network. The network has 2 servers so far, but is currently down as we seek a new home for our hub irc server. ( which will also run our irc servers ie: chanserv/nickserv ) We would prefer if your server has T1 or greater internet connectivity. The ircd is unrealircd and we do not require a dedicated physical server it can be run on a server with other stuff running. Shell access is optional but nice for us. The irc network is just linked between our servers and doesnt connect to efnet, dalnet or any big irc so hopefully dos won't be an issue. If you think you could help us out contact me via the methods listed in my profile :-) ( PM, Email, ICQ, AIM, MSN, YIM )

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