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    Robber's Wish to Go to Prison Granted

    COLUMBUS, Ohio Oct 12, 2006 (AP) A man who couldn't find steady work came up with a plan to make it through the next few years until he could collect Social Security: He robbed a bank, then handed the money to a guard and waited for police. [more]

    Imagine if a lawyer got him out of it?? (After all the trouble he went thru)

    Ah man!!

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    That's really messed up... I just hope we don't see more and more of this kind of issue else our tax money is really going to waste >_>
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    I've thought about this before, as much as prison would suck if you're homeless it's at least a step up above that, no?
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    Prison sucks... but you will eat and be taken care of....

    This hits home tonight, as I was talking to an old friend the other day (he is in his late 40's) and he feels life is almost hopeless. He had a stroke a couple of years ago and that killed his savings... now no one will hire him since his face is still a little messed up from the stroke. In addition, he still has other issues related to the stroke and he is older so no one will hire him.

    Crazy.... of course, you could argue that he should have had insurance... and I would say you are right. The reality is many Americans roll the dice on medical insurance... some lose.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HC-Josh
    I've thought about this before, as much as prison would suck if you're homeless it's at least a step up above that, no?
    It depends on where you are. In Ontario, and I'm pretty sure most/all other Canadian provinces, our tax dollars go to creating a variety of "shelters", namely homeless shelters, where people can find somewhere safe to sleep, eat, and help re-integrating to society (help getting a job).

    Personally I find the homeless people in downtown Toronto rather offensive. Theres a LOT of them (you can often find over a dozen within a block of 151 front), many of them refuse to use shelters, most of which are pan handlers, I doubt any of which pay taxes, though many bring home a *lot* of money relatively speaking (much more then they'd make with minimum wage jobs) by disrupting traffic (continuously walking up/down between lanes of traffic knocking on windows) and harassing people trying to earn a honest living.

    There have been several articles in local papers written over recent years about pan handlers who were not actually homeless, who made very good "income" by begging during the day, and driving home to nice houses/apartments at night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HC-Josh
    I've thought about this before, as much as prison would suck if you're homeless it's at least a step up above that, no?
    It is being wasted, well it does depend on what area you live in, but a surprising percentage WILL re-offend.

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    That is quite similar to what happens here when it starts getting "cold". Homless people will to stupid harmless or reckless things to get themselves locked up so they wont freeze to death which oddly down here if Florida dying from hypothermia is common.

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    That is right. The survival of fitness. He want to survive, which is why he did that. He would rather go to prision so that he can get food and a place to live...? How nice! Have he thought that maybe he might not be qualify for SSI with a criminal record...even if he isn't a criminal?

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    It's stupid... they're criminals, but we treat them better than we do homeless people on the streets. They get decent food, decent beds, activities, tvs, everything. They don't have any responsibilities.... wake up when you want, go to sleep when you want, nothing to worry about.

    And the best thing of all, you're living of everyone else's money.

    Either kill them, or teach them a lesson while they're in Jail, otherwise, why have them?

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    In my country (Portugal) there's projects to star building factories inside the prisons so the criminals have to work to get better food, and better confort in there.
    They will be making Tables and chairs for schools, office furniture for the gov departments, clothes for army and police, and some other social related stuff.
    Since we have a small country, with only 11 million population, and low crime level, at least they'll be doing something.
    You Americans could make so much stuff with the Criminals labour...

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