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    What happened to

    Does anyone know what happened recently to

    I webmaster a couple of sites hosted at; they all have the same IP address. HM is a reliable hosting service, I have been with them for long time.

    However, my site traffic figures dropped considerably on September 20-21 and have never recovered since. (I am talking about a serious decrease of 1.5-2 times.) As a result, I have been receiving fewer tel calls, web form inquiries, and orders.

    I managed to identify a couple of websites with the same IP address (and and contact their webmasters. Virtually all of them can confirm the same traffic pattern.

    HMs tech support denies any involvement of theirs in this. They are kind of saying: it's probably something in the Net, or something happened to your site(s) I did check server log no leaks, everything is in. HMs stats s/w seems to work fine too.

    I am very reluctant to leave HM. On the other hand, I cannot live with the issue indefinitely.

    Any ideas here? Can this be kind of a DNS problem?

    Is there a way to find a list of domains for an IP address (,, and in this case? There are some indications that HMs has not been affected with the issue I just need to talk to as many webmasters as possible.)

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    Maybe you should temporarily move to another host? But yes, its called reverse DNS.

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    Hypermart -- that's a company I haven't heard from in years.
    In fact they were my first host I ever used on the net.

    I was always amazed by their support -- they offered free hosting at the time that I took advantage of.

    Anywho, not much to add to the thread except hopefully it gets resolved!
    Mind passing us the domain so we can all see if we can get to it?
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