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    Install Cron Daemon

    Just got a new server - unmanaged so I'm doing everything.

    I got a blank CentOS 4.4 installation. I have installed a lot of things on it, but I need crontab and I get this error:

    -bash-3.00# crond
    -bash: crond: command not found

    How can I install cron daemon on there?

    Also, I have SSH all up and running, though not SCP. Does anyone know why the server refuses SCP connections and accepts SSH connections? What can be done to allow SCP connections?

    Thanks for teaching me!

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    try "crontab -e" to edit a crontab for the current user.

    what OS is the server?

    post the ssh server logs of what happens when you try to scp files to the server or off the server.

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    The cron daemon is probably already installed. You can enter
    ps aux| grep 'cron'
    to see if crond is running.

    If you want to set cron to run a program, or alter the settings for a program cron is already set to run, you use the crontab command. Try 'man crontab' to read the MANual page for the crontab command.


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    -bash-3.00# ps aux| grep 'cron'
    root 11452 0.0 0.0 1652 476 pts/0 S+ 02:49 0:00 grep cron

    -bash-3.00# crontab -e
    -bash: crontab: command not found

    -bash-3.00# man crontab
    -bash: man: command not found

    OS: CentOS 4.4

    The server just rejects the SCP request: "The server has rejected the SFTP request" says Tunnelier.

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