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    Apache Mysql Server Tweaking needed for a high traffic vbulletin board

    I need someone that knows MYSQL and APache.
    I have a vbulletin board with 1200 online 15 minute cookie timout 200 users and 1000 visitors
    I have a dual xeon 4 gb ram
    2 Gb database vbulletin db
    Server keeps swaping and loads are very high
    avatars signuters closed to visitors
    I tried to take all procautions but still its not stable

    peak times I have around 2000 online

    I dont want tickets
    It has to be through MSNM
    Payment via paypal
    If you think you cant handle the problem please dont contact me
    superbacanak AT
    or Pm me

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    We can help you in this.
    Regards, Rumi
    Expert in Server Administration, Network Administration, Server Optimization, Security Audit, Kernel Upgrades and Troubleshooting.

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