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    any customers here? (or anyone with a dedicated server in NY)

    I need to purchase a dedicated server sometime in the next week, this time it MUST be in NY. seems to have good prices, and the test IP i was given by one of their representatives on on IM seemed to be good with virtually no packetloss

    I'm leaning towards them right now. I don't know very much about them though. So it would be nice to have some current or past customers through in their opinions.

    also im open to look at any other dedicated servers located in NY. Theres not a certain spec i'm looking for, I would like to get something in the field of 3ghz or higher CPU with a gig or more of ram. most of my dedicated servers have 1,500GB per month and are on a 100 mbps port. i do not HAVE to have this but would prefer it, ill still shop around looking at servers on different levels of bandwidth/datatransfer. control panels and everything do NOT matter. all I need is root shell access, and it MUST, as in no exceptions be CentOS 4 operating system. most preferabbly 4.3 (the current latest). Im looking to spend 100ish /month but i'm not going to let prices stop me from seeing what people have to offer. but closer to 100 or lower the more wally will like it more.

    edit: btw i will be using this server to host game servers if that matters in any way
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    I've been with them a while now (over 1.5 years). I started off with renting servers from them, moved to colocation for backup servers. They also did some work locally here at my office with regard to setting up the network. Nice people to work with. When they moved from Peer1 there was downtime but everything has been good since then.

    If you want to run gameservers you may wish to try them although the network they use is not geared towards gaming.

    They do have access to other bandwidth providers such as Global Crossing / MCI so if you have some extra money, then see if they can give you those providers instead.

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    well to clarify i'm going to need servers in NY because a NY based tournament orginzation is planning to work a deal with me in which i need to provide servers in NY. bandwidth may not be an issue since the people who will be connecting to the server(s) will also be in NY (atleast that's how im thinknig right now)

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    wow very mixed. some say how great they are, and about an even amount say their just scammers :{ i might have to keep shopping.

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    if you in NY - why you don't check ? They are nice guys and well-established.

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