Hey there WHT,

I'm looking to hire someone to work as a Tech on my server, helping out with unexpected downtimes, monitoring, high loads, problems, questions, random things, config files etc..

I currently have two indviduals I work with on occasion, but I need someone that's around a lot of the time, and can monitor the site. As well as be on call on most occasions.

Although, I'm not looking for a company to accomplish this, I'd rather speak with a trustworthy individual, to get this position filled. I can pay per month, or per-job, whichever works best. I'm very flexible, so I'd really appreciate anyone contacting me.

I need this fairly quickly, since I'm struggling to configure new files for a server that I'm setting up, it'd be wonderful if someone could come along and help me out.

The best way to get in contact with me would be via AIM, screenname: vk3

Please contact me as soon as you can. I'll be available for most of the afternoon.

- Brad