These are for the ones who want to become resellers. You can look for following in a hosting company you are trying to become a reseller of:-

1. What kind of support they are offering ie email only, ticketing system, phone support and a toll free phone. Email only is rather questionable.

2. Do they have physical office location? Most are part timers around.

3. Do they offer any restrictions to number of accounts in each package, This is a trap to keep you upgrading.

4. Do they offer over selling, yes it has a disadvantage, yet the way things are frankly new business cannot survive without it.

5. Do they offer domain registration reseller services as well? This keeps you compact.

6. Response time to early sales requests. If they are slow in sales cannot be good in support.

7. Years of experience. Do a whois lookup to see the domain life, OLD IS GOLD, thought the young ones can be even better.

8. Do they provide your name servers ie ns1.yourdomainname you shall need that.

9. Does the offering include dedicate IP and SSL, again at some point of time you shall need these.

10. Do you like them.... VERYY IMPORTANT.. IF YES FORGET THE TOP NINE..Have fun