Hi all! This is a real situation but I'm going to pretend it is a hypothetical one because I think I can explain it better this way. I have a domain name which is hosted by company "A", it is then repointed to an IP address provided by company "B" who run an ecommerce application that you can buy into (basically a shopping cart dynamically linked to a large product catalogue). I assume that lots of other domains, all hosted by different hosting companies will also be repointed to use this application. Company "B" is still in the development stage with this application and they seem to be having problems setting up an SSL certificate. My question is: can company "B" install a shared SSL certificate that all these clients can use with the ecommerce application? Or would they need to host all the domains "properly" by providing a pair of name servers? If anybody wants to try and answer this I will be happy to try and clarify the situation later. Regards, orbsbooks.