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    McAfee... can anybody help me....

    I'v been using Macfee for years but recently upgraded to the latest version. I don't like this latest version at all, it's a definite UN-improvement over the previous version. But it just ran a scan and found 5 viruses on my computer or suspicious files and I want to remove all of them. I included a screenshot of what it found but I don't know how to remove all of them? I clicked to delete it but that didn't seem to actualy remove the virus... it seems it just deleted it from the McAfee log or did it remove the virus?

    In my screenshot do you see all the suspicious files it found? To remove them am I simply just supposed to click DELETE and that's it? Or is that not what I'm supposed to do?

    I emailed McAfee support but they are taking forever to respond
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    Instead of waiting for response from McAfee's support, restart your PC, enter the Windows Safe Mode and then run scan. That should be of help.
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    You need to click on each line and it will give you an option to 'remove/delete' or 'quarantine', so then click 'remove/delete'

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    If that doesnt help, do what I do.

    You cant manually delete those files if they are running. So you'll need to delete them while windows starts to load. So here is the procedure:

    Open the file (create one if it doesnt exist) c:\autoexec.bat (assuming you installed windows on partition C)

    Make a note of the files. Lets assume you have a file named c:\windows\somewhere\virus.exe

    Add the following line to the file:

    del c:\windows\somewhere\virus.exe
    Save the file and restart your system. Please note though, while the system starts to load, the windows file system uses the 8.3 naming convention. So lets say you had a file in the Program Files folder named virus.exe, this is how you would reference the directory

    del c:\progra~1\virus.exe

    Hope this helps. Cheers

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    Why not chat with McAfee Support, I remember chatting with them more than once last year.
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    McAfee? Honestly, McAfee does a horrible job when it comes to these things.. I've used AVG 7 Free for several years and I have never received a single virus!

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