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    accidental chmod on bin, please help

    One of our 'admins' accidently did a chmod 750 (as root) on /bin instead of the folder he was supposed to chmod. Now the whole server is trashed as the file system is corrupt. Does anyone know a good way to change that back, or are we looking at a full rebuild here?


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    Please keep in mind that you don't reboot the machine at this juncture.

    What happens when you try to change back the permissions ?
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    its been rebooted, the whole server is inaccessible, not even root can login now =( we are going to try and mount some external scripts to rebuild bin, but we cant execute any commands.

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    Boot from a linux live cd, mount the drive and fix the permissions. Depending on the flavor of Linux you are running you could use the install CD, otherwise download knoppix or something similar.

    Keep in mind several of the apps will require suid set (ping, su, mount, etc..)

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    What jhill10110 said is probably your best bet. When you boot off of the live cd, you will likely have the option of entering in a 'rescue' mode and then having the rescue application mount everything under a typically existing directory.

    Say it mounts everything under /var (just making one up). To access your 'ls' command. Instead of /bin/ls, it would be found at /var/bin/ls. So you could cd to /var/ then run your commands. Once you've changed mode for each directory (recursively, if necessary) then you can reboot, taking the boot media out as you're able.
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