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    Revisting backup hardware and applications


    While we looked at Acronis, their sales was not on top of things (long story), and the product appears very expensive ($999 per server to back up).

    For those of you who have two or more racks of servers with a mixture of Unix and Windows 2003, what hardware and software are you using to back up those servers?

    Are any of you using auto tape loaders? If so, does the tape loader software pull the backup from the servers, or do you have to set up the servers to push the backup to the tape loader equipment?

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    Take a look at Bakbone Netvault. It is multiplatform, very configurable, and we like the pricing structure.

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    I've just recently found this web site (StoreGrid), - I'm not yet 100% sure how this would work for command line backups, but I certainly plan to use this to backup my personal workstation computers. I think though that it may show promise for my server backups too, especially the Windows servers.
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