View Poll Results: Which is the most high risk region (in terms of internet fraud) in the world for you?

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  • North America

    1 8.33%
  • South America

    0 0%
  • Europe

    0 0%
  • Africa

    7 58.33%
  • Asia

    2 16.67%
  • I dont really care. I can do business with anybody.

    2 16.67%
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    Manila, Philippines

    Will you risk transacting with people from "High Risk countries"?

    I just posted an announcement about Paypal opening up on other countries on another thread.

    The replies so far made me curious to ask about the general sentiments of WHT people on doing business online with those people on considered as "High Fraud" or "High Risk" countries list.

    Will you take the risk of transacting with those people that you know are in High Risk countries list?

    PS. And where is this list btw?
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    There is one answer that states:
    I dont really care. I can do business with anybody.

    Good luck in fighting chargebacks from Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Burkina Faso etc. for the ones that have picked this answer!

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