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    Need help for solution to charge my site, non US and non UE citizen

    Hello all,

    My name is Ivica and I live in the Croatia, so at start hope my grammar mistakes wonít incommode anyone (English isnít my first language). Just few words to introduce myself and I will tell what is my problem.
    Searching over internet I found this forum and look nice to me so I hope I will find they solutions of my problems.

    Iím a stock trader and after 7 years of experience with the training new traders and the mentoring program I decide to open my own service. I dint open a firm, I just have the web site. It is free for now and I like to charge it, but I have problem there. First my problem is in ignorance how to do that. I found a number of internet firms who will help me with payments, but after all Iím lost. So I hope someone with experience can help me.
    Here are problems what I have for now. Since Iím from Croatia and it is not part of EU some services donít want work with me, same is for a number of US firms. I tried Paypal but they donít have office in Croatia.Same is with WorldPay and Moneybookers. I also tried with the 2checkout, but from this year they bring my kind of business in to high risk area and they donít want accept that accounts anymore.
    Few words about my site. I donít want write address here because I donít know if that is allowed or not. But that is advertising site with the education programs. I bring out every day my ideas, commentaries, and I will offer trading chat room, and mentoring programs. I donít know why that high risk business is, but I canít change that. Since Iím newbie in that payment stuffs I was imagine that my money will be collected in some firm (service what I will take) account and I will move it once per month to the Bank account where I want. Maybe I donít think correct and maybe all that not work on that way. Hope someone with experience will bring some good ideas, and firms what can be ok for me.
    I was read about some firms like Etelegate and I was shocked about problems what can come out. I was really like 2checkout solutions, because I could work with them from Croatia , they didnít ask to have open firm etc etc. I donít feel well when I ask about fees and firm ask me about all my bank info, my ID ect and after that they will bring fees out. I mean too many requests just for fee info (maybe Iím wrong).
    So generally, I need help to find good service for my site (something like 2checkout)
    Sorry for the long post, but since Iím in the small country I thing that is ok to explain my situation
    Thanks for any future help

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    Anyone any idea?

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