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    Question make server monitor script suggestions

    I'd like to make a php web monitoring script, which can offer monitoring service to clients. They register and setup monitored domains. I want that monitoring is from different locations, then the main server logs downtime. Can you give me some suggestions how to perform this in the best way?

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    My best recommendation would be to use cPanel for monitoring domains and assign permissions to specific users (or probably doable over a group of users) so they could configure their own domain addresses.

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    Ok, not quite sure what horizon is getting at.

    You'd need to run a script on an interval (crontab) on each location that checks all the servers in the database and then pings back to a central server with the results.


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    I have a standalone application (no installation is required) that monitoring the server uptime status. You can give away to your clients. Please PM me if you are interested.

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