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  1. Need Basic PHP/MySQL Authentication Script

    I was wondering if someone has a similar script around or some student would like to make this quick script in 30 mts for 15 bucks.

    I need a basic php/mysql authentication script with the following conditions:

    Login Page -->
    if user is in admin group ==> redirect to admin page
    if user is in senior group ==> redirect to senior page
    if user is in junior group ==> redirect to junior page

    A junior user should not be able to access the senior page.

    MySQL table should have the following fields:
    Firstname, Lastname, Group, Email

    Admin has access to all pages.

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    Are the admin/senior/junior pages already made? I assume the database isn't made yet, are you going to need any sort of registration page?

    Or is this merely a login box that you need made?
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    I can do this for you if you already have the page content and this does not require a design.

    Email me or AIM me if you awnt me too.

  4. The project was assigned to Goldfiles and he did an excellent job.

    Thank you everyone.

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