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    Questions regarding Bandwidth and 95th Percentile

    How would you intepret this? "If your bandwidth billing is a GB value, please select the GBs format setting, and note the "AVRG TOTAL" value. If you are being billed by MBPS, select the MBPS format and note the higher of the 95th IN and 95th OUT values. We do not use AVRG IN/OUT or 95th TOTAL for any customer billing."

    based upon if you ordered a server that says the bandwidth is a 10mb/s Dedicated?

    Thanks in advance

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    Is the host a 10mb/s un-metered dedicated. Or a host with a quota of 1000gb for example on a 10mb/s port?

    If it is 10mb/s un-metered there would be no quota or 95th percentile to worry about as you should be able to use the full 10mb/s FDX uplink at 100% the full length of your contract or rental period with no overages.



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