We have been having troubles selling Ensim based plans. And I would like to hear from other web hosts who offer Ensim. This may be a long thread

We expirimented with Plesk & Cpanel, with Cpanel outselling plesk 5/2. We filled our Cpanel Based server in 15 days(We aggresively limit the amount of users we put on a server). Our first server, which was plesk based was filled with users after about a month.

99% of all the customers on each server, was from our town, and or the next town over. We are the only web hosting company in the area, and our town itself has over 140,000 residents. Sales started to decline, so we figured we grabbed about every interested internet user in the area. We deceided to begin targeting non-local markets, and go with a more global attitude.

We got several inquires from our current customers, stating they would like the option for a plan with more disk space & transfer. We found an excellent dedicated server deal(we usually colocate), and it came with ensim. We jumped on the opportunity, as both of our other servers are filled. We introduced Ensim to our current users demanding more space, we introduced it to local users, and advertised a little bit online.

Currently we have been offering Ensim based plans, for approximately one month. We have sold a total of 5 accounts on the ensim based server. Averaging (About) 1 signup per week. Where as we were selling 2-4 accounts per day on our other servers. With ensim we even offered a very high bandwidth deal & disk space, for very low prices. As we are just trying to fill the server so it literally only pays for itself, and we can move on back to Cpanel.

I understand that Ensim lacks some features such as adding multiple MySQL databases & Sub-domains by the end user.

Basically we would like to know, how do you web hosts sell ensim based plans? And how could we go about selling even 20 more plans on the ensim server, so it pays for itself, and we can move onto our new Cpanel based server.

Thanks Guys!
Nikki Redding