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Thread: hostfresh sux

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    hostfresh sux

    i was with this host for about 6-7 months
    it started with the server being delayed initially by almost two weeks.
    when it was finally up, i had ordered a second ip, which took another week to be alloted to me. a few weeks into my service with this host i supposedly had a ddos opon which he took my server offline. i requested logs which he refused to provide, and kept me offlline for ~3weeks on one of my ip's.
    the other ip worked, but the traffic was limited to about half of what he had promissed. one day the other ip just started working again.
    then the host bought their own ip block. i was alotted to be changed on the 29th of a month, and got the letter / notice from them on the 31st. 4 hrs before some network downtime. they then lost my server, which i had not backed up my data on.
    there were one or two other spots in the service where i suffered 5 days or more downtime, and the replys from his customer service were rare, sometimes days apart.

    do yourself a favor
    if it says hostfresh, stay away. i really hate to do / say this about anyone but i was shut off even before the contractual limit. and he refused to let me back on for roughly 20 minutes so i could backup the current data as my backups are a little older than i would really like.
    find a backup first then migrate away
    they sux
    really bad.

    i give a 1.2 of 10

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    The only reason for us turning off the server was due to payment issue, it's been overdue for some days, 3 email were sent regarding suspension of service, yet no action has been made nor any reply. Today, you submit a ticket and claim you've been through all of the problems and would like to keep use the server for another month and yet refuse to pay.

    What you've said is hardly true and you've no evidance to back up what you had said and usually all of our servers was setup was done within 2-24 hours, for any of our customers, otherwise we would have refunded them and ask them to signup again, I'm not sure what happened for your case, you're free to provide more information.

    We asked you on the support ticket to provide details of the date your IP was nullroute by our UPSTREAM (we do not and cannot nullroute any IPs, as our upsteam route our IPs), because we've the proof that your server was getting ddos attacked, however you cannot provide it, you're one of very few customer that get ddos attacked, so it's not hard to find the log sent from our upstream, and they do send it to us everytime.

    - Bill

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