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    VideoSearchScript - All Your Video Content On One Site!

    Hello folks! VideoSearchScript is now available! This has been a project long in the making, and we will be selling it from now on.

    As this is a new product, we are offering an introductory price of $50! This includes a one domain license, and more importantly, lifetime support and upgrades. We have big things in store for this software, and new updates are just around the corner!

    What is it?

    VideoSearchScript is a content indexing script inspired by It uses RSS feeds to index content (wether it be videos, games, images, etc - it's completely up to you!). The script includes a clean layout which is very easy to customize with little or no PHP experience. It uses a PHP/MySQL backbone. Although designed to update every hour, you can have the script update at any custom interval!

    Can I See it Live?

    Of course! Click here for a demo!


    Guest Features

    - Browse and search all content
    - Comment on content (if allowed by admin)

    User Features

    - Easy user registration system
    - Browse and search all content
    - Comment on content
    - Track browsing history (if enabled)
    - Add favorites
    - Request RSS feeds be added
    - Recieve mass emails from admin

    Administrative Features

    - Make content searchable, not browsable (control what appears on home page)
    - Delete unwanted content
    - Enable/disable history feature
    - Enable/disable comments system
    - Enable/disable guest comment posting
    - Allow/deny guests to view comments
    - Customize signup emails
    - Approve, deny, edit, or delete RSS feeds
    - Make a feed only show up when 18+ is enabled by user
    - Mass email all users (newsletters, announcements, etc.)
    - Manage users (view details, delete users)

    Other Features

    - Auto-index of content via RSS feeds
    - Capable with not only videos, but virtually any other multimedia


    You can test the admin panel in the demo by typing "admin:video" (without quotes) into the above or below search bar. This will give you administrative access. You can see further admin links at the bottom of the page after gaining access.

    Ready to Purchase? - Click here!

    Once you complete payment, you will receive your welcome email and the ability to log into the PalSys client center to download your file. Activations are run every 30 minutes, all emails will be received within that timeframe.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or contact me using the info in my signature. Thanks for reading the lengthy post, and enjoy the script!

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    Ive seen so may sites offering this script for sale including

    who actually owns the script ?

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    Paladin Systems owns 100% rights to the script.

    Looks like is running a modified copy, and it isn't licensed, but I don't see it for sale. You say 'so many sites'....I would be very interested in seeing the other URLS.

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    Big weakness with this type of script is it takes visitors off site. This should have an iframe at the top with advertising, a link back button and a kill button if the link is dead. The preferable method is to have a full frame wrapper or window.

    All that aside, the concept is good:

    Can you answer the following questions, as I am interested:

    1. Can you build the full frame wrapper or window into the script

    2. Can i feed videos from any site that I want.

    3. I would want to incorporate the script into my existing site rather than a stand alone page. Is this possible due to any encoding that you may have implemented.

    4. Are the thumbnails inserted manually. If so, do you have an admin for this and is it simple and not timewasting to use (I run a few sites that take time).

    5. I couldn't access your demo - a simple link would have saved me some questions.

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    I agree with you on the frame idea. We are currently getting ready to release a few new modules, and a framed link-out may be in the works for the next release.

    You can feed videos from any site that offers, among other things, image tags with their feeds. Some sites don't, such as YouTube and Google. There are many feeds that work 100%, but obviously the inability to draw from large pools like YouTube and Google is a disadvantage.

    That brings me to our ffmpeg module which we will be releasing by the end of the month. This module will allow for ANY feed to be used, including the giants mentioned above. This and all releases will be free to existing clients.

    You can incorporate the script any way you like there is nothing in the code that would make it difficult for you.

    Thumbnails come with the feed (assuming the feed offers a thumbnail), there is no need to add anything manually, the cron job does everything for you

    Let me know if you have any other questions!

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    Thanks for the answers.

    Firstly, even though you avoided answering the question, I don't like encoded scripts and wont touch them.

    The iframe or wrapper is such a simple thing to implement, I can't understand why it wasn't is place with the original script.

    I'll build a script that suits my needs better.


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    I'm not sure which question I avoided? You are welcome to do anything you like with the script, including build an iframe or wrapper. I agree that it's a good idea, but we have 93 license holders now, and haven't had a request for such a thing yet, so it's just not at the top of the priorities list.

    And the script is entirely open source, there is no encoding.

    Good luck with your search, let me know if there is anything else I can do for you!

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    you said script is source. would you please give me download URL
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