We are seeking people wanting to colo in LA to help fulfill the non-used part of our commitment on Cogent's own datacenter (previously owned by PSINet) in Marina del Rey, CA (some few miles north of LAX airport).

We've got an empty rack with 39U of space and 20 [email protected] of power remaining, so we are practically giving it away for the price we are purchasing.

Prices start at $100 per 2U rackspace with 1 amp power and 10Mbps (or 3000GB) included, and direct datacenter access whenever needed. Free reboots are also available, and remote hands for support or other non-reboot work are priced at $35/hour.
Extra Mbps pre-contracted are $10/Mbps, or in exceed of contract are $12/Mbps billed by the 95% average.

Please PM, email or phone for more details. Custom price quotes can be furnished upon request.