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    How to Check Admin Mailbox

    If someone said to me:

    see the admin mailbox for cron error messages
    How do I check it? Is it done through SSH? Server is FreeBSD.


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    With standard sendmail you will have a bunch of aliases setup in /etc/aliases, if you look through there you should see where where all the mails to root and postmaster etc are going. I would recommend you adding yourself in as an alias for root (newaliases). You will start getting all the admin mail sent to you.

    To read the mail that you already have...
    Do you currently have a mailbox on the server? Is pop3 or imap setup on the box? If you do, you could download the "root" mail with that and view it. If you can see the root mailbox in /var/spool/mail/root, you can view it with less or vi. Otherwise log in as root and use the "mail" command if you are brave, or setup pine.
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