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    Midphase - Waste of TIME

    This is how my story goes.

    Took out a one year shared hosting plan with Midphase. I had been with them before and everything was ok. Until this time.

    My email was constantly down every morning for at least 3 hours. So i couldn't conduct any business. They respond to tickets at the rate of a pregnant tortoise. It took them over 3 days to respond to a VIP ticket. Amazing speed there. I could have flown there and back and got a quicker response. When they did manage to resolve the problem i asked them for cancelation details. Guess what these took even longer. I then had to make a phone call from the UK to the US on hold for 20 mins to be told how to cancell. This was after they had taken full payment already of £98 from my account. The lady called me back and advised that she can see when i requested cancellation in my ticket and that a full refund would be credited into my account. So i thought nothing expecting my money back. I canceled the account. After numerous emails again which they respond to at the speed of a pregnant tortoise this is what they had to say

    "After my full review of this account I have found no tickets where we failed to provide you with cancellation instructions when requested. Furthermore, the cancellation form was filled out after the renewal date. To avoid full renewal charges that cancellation form must be filled out no later than 14 days before its next renewal date. All of this is clearly outlined in our Terms of Service (

    For these reasons you will not be receiving a refund, and I do sincerely apologize. Since you’ve already paid for services from us, we’ll be happy to reopen your account. It should be noted if you choose to reopen your account, it will be active again and continue to renew as usual, unless canceled by the procedure mentioned previously in this email.

    Please let me know if you want us to reopen your account. Thank you."

    Very lucky for them that all the tickets in their support area have been cleared or deleted. Why do you think it as canceled after you took my money YOU DIDN'T TELL ME HOW TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT. They have taken payment got my money and they are HAPPY TO REOPEN MY ACCOUNT my answer to them is NO





    They can resolve this situation easy but they chose not to.

    To all you people looking for hosting don't go to MIDPHASE unless you want to wait days for them to respond.

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    Sounds a bit interesting that one of their reps was able to find the ticket where you were requesting cancellation via and yet when they did their review they were unable to see this. Only thing I'd say is to make sure if you cancel anywhere keep screenshots if it's stated/asked per a ticket ever (least there is proof then).

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    Wow its unbelievable how some hosts treat their customers.
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  4. I am sorry to hear this happened to you Dominicr, and want to thank you for sharing your experience.

    I have a site with webhosting providers and may start posting testimonials for the service they give. Both good and bad. With the idea of making them improve their service.

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    Wow, I always thought Midphase had a great reputation on here. Maybe they are starting to decline ofr some reason??? - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Thats crazy dude I would be bold bye then from pulling out my hair .. ~ It's not just a job It's a passion
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    DominicR, please share a domain that you host/have hosted with Midphase. Thank you!

    Very lucky for them that all the tickets in their support area have been cleared or deleted.
    Now, that's the most interesting part of your post. I'm sure Dan or Zack will sooner or later give us the other side of the story though, so the drawing conclusions part will have to wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DominicR
    "After my full review of this account I have found no tickets where we failed to provide you with cancellation instructions when requested..."

    Very lucky for them that all the tickets in their support area have been cleared or deleted.
    I also wonder how tickets could be deleted, in my host's helpdesk it's just impossible , but anyway, the lady that instructed you how to do cancellation, couldn't she confirm the fact of cancellation?

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    This is a very sad story to read as MidPhase does have a pretty good reputation as a solid host. However, it is important for clients to get names and contact details when talking to anyone over the phone. This way if things like this happens you can contact that person and get the full scoop.

    Hopefully we can hear from MidPhase and see what happened on their end and get a better idea of the story. However, good luck DominicR on finding a new host and getting this situated. Hopefully you do get a refund.
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    What domain name

    The domain name that i had issues with was

    This is an email sent from my partner

    I would email you from my Midphase domain email account but as it down most
    of the time, I cannot.

    I also emailed you on 1st September 2006 but, surprise surpise, I have had
    no answer.

    My business relies on a reliable email service, PLEASE can you appreciate
    this and FIX THE PROBLEM.

    As I have been without email for at least half of the time my service has
    been with you, I would like a partial refund for my hosting.

    Please get back to me - this might not be important to you but it is my
    business and very important to me.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

    Alison Durston
    Director - DAE Associates Ltd

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    Hello Guys,

    I know that we did archive old tickets recently but they should still be accessable. I would
    like to look into this a bit further, if you can shoot me an E-mail or something I will be
    happy to investigate this and make sure you are taken care of properly.

    We archived old tickets because the database was getting enourmous. Our ticket
    numbers are sequential, they are now in the 900,000s so we had to archive them to
    keep things running.

    Anyways, we do our best to provide the highest quality of service we can. Frankly I am
    a bit surprised on your complaints about wait time. I don't hear many complaints about
    our support, in most cases people praise our quickness (our average ticket response time
    is under 15 minutes and has been that way for years. This is one of our biggest focus

    When you email me, send me your ticket # or cancellation # and customer ID. I'll take
    it from there and make sure you are taken care of properly, I'll handle it personally.

    Best wishes and happy hosting where your site ends up,

    Dan Ushman
    Co-founder & CMO
    SingleHop, Inc.

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    Please, let us know what's happened

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    Yes please i'm interested to know the end of the story .. cause i was about to sign up with them !

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    Thumbs up The Reply

    Have just received an email from Dan concerning my refund.

    He did apoligise that it has taken him so long but i expect that from the co owner of the company.

    A refund is being credited for me of $164.45 minus the 1 month hosting that has gone.

    I am happy that Dan has taken the time to look into this.

    My only reccomendation i would have for them would be to use a different email client as ours was down for considerable time each day. Sometimes it wouldent even log in correctly. Using ie 7 and firefox.

    For a company that uses email to conduct business it very hard when emails go missing or you cant log in.

    in regards to the time taken for them to reply to my tickets that would be a question for Dan to answer.

    In regards to my new hosting company i did email a query today and within 30 mins i had rectified the situation. Maybe you will hear about them in things hit the fan so to speak.

    Usually Midphase where really good in answering issues but with such a large customer base i guess you cant please all.

    Again i will say i am happy with the outcome.

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    Again i will say i am happy with the outcome.
    Glad to hear that your issues with MidPhase were resolved. Keep up the good work Dan

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    I'm not happy with Midphase

    I'm with Midphase.

    I was so happy with them for the last year but recently, I'm just freaking out. First of all, they decided to disable php mail() function without telling me about it. So for the last few weeks I started getting complaints from my clients saying that I wasn't responding to emails sent to me from my website using a php form. Many of my clients runs ecommerce websites on their account. They stop getting orders and emails for a few week and started blaming me for it coz I'm the designer. I had no idea what the hell was happening. All forms on all sites on my reseller account were disabled!!! I found out by mistake when I sent them an email about it.
    Sorry, due to numerious attempts to send spam via php scripts on your server we
    had to disable php mail() function.
    But we can allow it for certain scripts.

    Please just give me the folder name you php mail script is located in and I'll
    allow it to send mail.

    Thank you.

    This means now that my clients will have to tell me if they are going to have a php forms on their site so I can tell my buddies at Midphase to allow it. That's just insane, and really not acceptable.

    It sucks, it really does because it would be so much more convenient to stay with them then move away. I don't have too many clients but they can be mean.

    As it is right now, all my sites are down.

    I sent a ticket 9 hours ago about upgrading my account to a virtual private server so I can have php mail() function working again. But no reply so far. I have sent them an emergency ticket about my downtime of right now and here is the message I just got:


    As you may or may not know, we're currently going through a large datacenter
    migration that's going to go into the better half of 2007. We're moving into a
    new datacenter that gives us three times the expansion space, and access to
    additional bandwidth providers.

    We have taken all necessary steps to ensure that you experience very little
    downtime in the process. We have already successfully completed a number of
    migrations, and we have seen less than 2 hours of downtime. We appreciate your
    patience during the migration, and welcome any questions that you may have.

    It explains why your upgrade request is delayed. Please wait and our guys
    install the VPS server for you asap once the migration is done.



    He says: "As you may or may not know". No, I don't know and I should know. I could have warned my clients about it so I wouldn't be getting phone calls right now and having to make up so story.

    What the f&#$ is going on.

    Conclusion: Cult is not in happy.
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    I sent this:
    You say:

    "We have already successfully completed a number of
    migrations, and we have seen less than 2 hours of downtime."

    How long to you expect this to take? is down.

    I'm starting to get phone calls.


    He sent me this back:

    We have already successfully completed a number of
    migrations, and we have seen less than 2 hours of downtime.
    Thank you,

    Where am I? What's going on? Is this my unhappy place again?

    What a marvelous reply.

    Last edited by Cult; 11-16-2006 at 03:28 AM.
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    We're moving into a larger facility, this move went really smooth.

    We have to move because we need additional space, additional on-site office space for our system administrators. This move will allow us to improve our service quality dramatically by having quicker access to the actual hardware.

    The problem is that we have to physically move our servers, and they are kind of heavy, so its going to take the next few months to complete the entire move. We operate over 1000 machines.

    We sent that same E-mail out to the server notification lists. If you didn't get the notice in advance then I recommend you should add yourself to your particular servers list. This can be done in your MPCustomer account.

    Hope that helps you understand,

    Dan Ushman
    Co-founder & CMO
    SingleHop, Inc.

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    Thanks Dan. I'll join the list.

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    that bites to hear .. thats one thing in my webhosting I have learned .. we tell our customers whats going on a head of time .. it's alike the weather your warned ahead of time .. ~ It's not just a job It's a passion
    "Mistakes are proof that you are trying"

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    On some of this I have to agree with Dom, I've experienced some of the same and have actually lost 2 clients because of it. Nice to see that Dan has come through.

    Fact is, any other host is at some point going to suck, including MidPhase, or HostGator or and big, small, new or old host. It's just the nature of it all.

    I'm pretty sure if you're willing to work with your host to get through problems, you'll be happier than jumping ship everytime something goes wrong, because no matter who it is, it will happen. Unless we're talking about Flarehosting. But I'm sure someone has a problem with them too.

    Again, nice to see MP Dan pulled through for Dom.

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