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    Want to move into another VPS provider

    Hi All,
    I have used a vps service for several month and I'm not really satisfy with their service quality, so I have a plan to move into another VPS provider

    Is there any vps provider that will do the migration so I don't have to move the files manually?
    Do you have any suggestion for a good/reliable vps provider?

    thank you

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    The most important question is, what's your budget?
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    i have paid about $68 monthly for my current vps

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    It would be easier to recommend one if you posted specific specs and requirements.
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    I have read good comments about,,

    I'm currently trying but they are too slow to solve the problems.

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    Do you have any control panel as that will make any potential migration easier. A lot of companies might do the transfer for free, or a low cost fee. Best to email sales of any potential company and see what they say
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    I would look at

    They have been great. Server speed is great, and network speed is great. Along with support.
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    Quote Originally Posted by damier
    I would look at

    They have been great. Server speed is great, and network speed is great. Along with support.
    i second that
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    I'm in the process of moving a site to Hostmaven right now, for what it's worth (VPS).

    Heard good things about 'em and I like the fact that the owner posts here, in addition to their competitive prices, uncapped bandwidth speed, and burstable ram

    I'll post my experience with them down the road.

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    This was posted last month, so I am wondering how did your transfer go? Are you happy with site loading speed?

    May I ask what your site is built with - do you have a forum, are you using postnuke, phpnuke, joomla or any other CMS that uses the database?

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    Its always about the budget lol.

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