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    PHP/MySQL Programmer Needed - Consistant Work/Pay

    Here at Steadfast Networks we are planning several new projects, but we would like to offload some of the work to some part-time programmers/developers in order to assure that our core staff can still provide the level of service that our customers expect. These projects include an overall datacenter management program, several graphical interfacs for standard Linux/open source programs, automated backup and backup management programs, etc.

    With the number of projects we have the work would be relatively consistant, allowing us to pay a set monthly salary to you, as a sub-contractor. Actual rates would be determined by the number of hours committed to our projects and your level of experience. This will not be full-time and would likely work well for a student looking to make some extra money while building a portfolio/resume. Work would be done remotely.

    Job Requirements:
    - PHP scripting including familiarity with PHP classes
    - MySQL
    - Proficiency with web standards (HTML and CSS)
    - Basic proficiency with a LAMP-style Linux web server environment
    - Samples demonstrating aspects of coding ability/quality:
    - Code organization
    - Scope of PHP/MySQL experience
    - Adequate and clear use of inline documentation/commenting
    - Any other scripting/programming languages that may be useful

    Preferred Experience:
    - Additional familiarity with Linux, Apache and related software
    - Proficiency with shell scripting and/or Perl
    - Familiarity with AJAX and Javascript

    Please send your resume, along with sample code, to me personally, [email protected] with the subject line: Developer Resume

    If you have any questions regarding the possition, etc. please post it in response to this post so that everyone can be presented wit the additional information.
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    Shipped my dev. your way -- hopefully he's interested.
    He's a ninja when it comes to code.
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