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    Lightbulb chargeback hindsight

    I have a little situation here. one of my web sites selll event tickets and its been pretty good for about two years (weve had about 8 events so far) but today I received a chargeback of a little under two hundred dollars (sorry but its easier to type the word on my pda). anyway I have sourced the order, and duuuuh someone in virginia isn't going to but a ticket for an event in miami beach. anyway... the email address the ticket was sent to is real and I pulled up the kid on myspace just to check
    point is... I am thinking about sending a gift certificate to that email address so that I can have a real name and address to bring to the police if he redeems it. does anyone know if doing this is ok ?

    I want to start doing tickets for outside promotors but this experience is kinda scary

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    Doesn't seem like there's anything illegal or anything with what you want to do. But...

    1. Pretty sure the local police aren't going to do a thing but give you a case number for a $200 chargeback.

    2. Even if you do get a real address, it doesn't help you with your chargeback. Not sure if the card used was a stolen number or not, but if so, there's nothing you can do to fight it from what I've seen. If it wasn't a stolen card, but just someone denying the charge, well... you're going to have to show proof of delivery of the product.

    Anyways... in my opinion, I'd probably just chalk it up to experience and get on with life. One chargeback over two years - especially with your product - seems pretty darn good to me!

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