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    Refurbished server

    Do you think its good idea to get refurbished server ( like Dell 1750,2650,ML 350,360,Sun V20Z) into production?

    Servers are being sold for good price but without warranty.

    What kind of hw problems you have experienced with above listed servers?

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    why not ?

    If you rent a dedicated server somewhere, most of the time you get an used one. They don't throw away the server when you cancel your plan

    Although, you may want to get a re-certified server over an only refurbished one.


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    when using old gear it's important to have spares on hand.

    The older the gear the more prone it is to failures over time. No ammount of warranty will save you from hardware death. Granted it'll get it replaced in x hours or days depending on your contract, but having an on-site spare of every component can save you hours of downtime

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    If doing that I would strongly recommend replacing the hard disk with brand new ones, and maybe CPU fans as well but beyond that no problems
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