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    Anyone have opinion on EPS Securenet gateway?

    As I am hunting for the proper cc processing solution for my website, I received a call from Fidelity Merchant Services interested in selling me these services. They use a gateway called "EPS Securenet". Has anyone used this gaeway and have any opinions? Pros and cons?

    The amount of options I have is daunting and I am trying to find the best solution. My startup company will be selling web based services both in and out of the US.


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    It's a private label gateway for
    Fast Charge Payment Gateway™
    509-924-6730 Ext 200
    800-459-0625 Ext 200

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    Quote Originally Posted by eticorporate
    It's a private label gateway for
    OK. But can anyone address my question above in relation to these guys?

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    I have been a customer with EPS since 03. Paying them 11% and $45 a month gateway fee. Just cancelled and they want a letter of cancellation by fax and by mail. My anniversary month is September so they will not stop billing me until next September! Using Square 3% no monthly or "contract". PayPal same as Square.
    Chuck B

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