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    editing php files on windows and mac, encoding on upload etc

    Hello, I am on Mac and I use BBEdit but my website partner is on PC and we just had some issues with files that stopped working after he did some changes using his windows editor write/wordpad and his filezilla ftp program.

    I love BBEdit on Mac because it keeps the text clean, never adds special unwanted characters and colors the code so it is easy to go through it.
    Is there any such thing for PC?

    I would like to know what editor he should use so that the code is never weirded out...

    Also I am confused about encoding on upload... Should we both use ASCII? Should we use Western ISO Latin 1, Western Mac OS Roman?

    Can somebody enlighten me about that?

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    Not sure about your issue but I'm using Context. Its one free option for PC. I use it everyday in my daily life
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