We have installed PHP 5 the latest version without run alongside PHP 4. So you will not have to use the file .php5 extension and .htaccess to be parsed by PHP 5. If you want switch to Tribolis.com, we can transfer your accounts if your current hosting is using cPanel at free of charge!

Tribolis is a privately held small company with web hosting experience that are still able to provide competitive pricing. Our server is located in the United States, at the high-speed network Datacenter; Equinix IBX. (Read more: www.tribolis.com/company.php)

We supply several web hosting packages for your needs. All hosting plans are hosted on Linux Platforms and we offer cPanel as one of our popular control panels.

Shared Plans

Setup Fee: Free
Yearly: $35 US
Disk Space: 200 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 5 GB

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly: $5.00 US
Yearly: $60 US
Disk Space: 500 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 10 GB

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly: $10.00 US
Yearly: $120 US
Disk Space: 1000 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 20 GB

Shared plans: www.tribolis.com/shared.php
Compare plans: www.tribolis.com/hosting.php

Reseller Plans

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly: $20.00 US
Disk Space: 2000 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 30 GB
Order: http://tribolis.com/billing/signup.php?package=18

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly: $30.00 US
Disk Space: 3000 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 40 GB
Order: http://tribolis.com/billing/signup.php?package=19

Setup Fee: Free
Monthly: $40.00 US
Disk Space: 4000 MB
Traffic/Bandwidth: 50 GB
Order: http://tribolis.com/billing/signup.php?package=20

All Accounts include:
Unlimited Host Domains
Dedicated IP Address: $5/mo as optional
Private Label Nameservers
Daily Backup (every night)

Reseller plans: www.tribolis.com/reseller.php
Compare plans: www.tribolis.com/hosting.php

Payment Methods

We prefer PayPal and bank transfer at the moment. You can use credit card thru PayPal without being a PayPal member. For Australia, we accept cheques and money order.

Feel free to ask any questions, contact us at [email protected]. We offer three ways to get support, by trouble tickets we response less than 30 mins!