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    Require PHP coder, advanced project

    Hi guys

    looking to have a stats script optimised and new features added.

    current coding is really out of date and needs cleaning up to be more optimal, server experiences some real high loads at times, server techs put it down to queries. It's made up of a load of iles, and think that more time would be taken up in locating what does what than actual coding. There's also a fairly long list of new features i would like added, but know everything won't get done in my budget for this project ($800) so am looking for a what can be done for that budget.

    feel free to pm me for more info and send me your portfolio. What i'd probably do is send you the code for the stats script for you to have a quick browse, and the list of new features i'd like added.

    I'm looking for someone who's serious and willing commit to the project.



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    a decent knowledge of javascript will also be needed to deal with the extra features

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