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    any suggestions for a cheap dedicated server host?

    Would like to know if there are any cheap dedicated server hosts there. The ones I have been coming across are too expensive for my small start up

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    What is Ur Budget

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    Managed or un-managed?

    I've been very happy with Layered tech and they are inexpensive as long as you are looking for unmanaged.

    Have you considered Semi-dedicated Hosting? 4 - 8 accounts per server. Less overhead than VPS, better performance for the price. - 15,000 New Domains a day. indexed by Pagerank, backlinks, Hits, and Length.

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    If you are looking for unmanaged server checkout valueXtreme at
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    Defined "cheap" and give us an approximate requirements that you have, otherwise we can't give meaningful recommendations.

    I recently picked up a very cheap little server from (the 10/month one) - but if you are planning a massive hosting operation then you don't want one of those!

    Setup was very quick (no more than an hour after payment I had an email with the access details) and the machine I have is everything the site states that it would be. I've not got it doing real work yet, so I've not properly tested the network speed/latency but from what I have done I've not noticed any issues.

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