As a webdesigner it would be great to offer hosting to clients for a little extra income but sometimes that might not be worth it when they start to call you at 2am. So it would be awesome to have a list of reseller plans that includes decent white label support. Those who offer a respectable % of monthly shared revenue can also be included since businesses are in for the long haul and we are hoping to cash in on that. Better if they don't show the affiliate info on their website.

You can follow this guide if you want to help you with your review

1. Name of hosting company:
2. Years in operation:
3. Your personal rating:
4. Your time hosting with this company:
5. Type of support offered: email/live chat/phone
6. Your personal review: such as but not limited to..
- Why did you choose this host?
- Why did you move out? (if you are not currently with them)

You can include turnkey solutions if you want but I'm more interested in designing my own website and basically provide my own identity.