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    Beta testers and reviews needed - Myspace Tracker.

    It is a logging/counter script marketed for MySpace. Logging is done from a .gif image which is easily inserted into myspace profiles.

    Relating myspace userid's to profile hits is community based - so if your friend is registered on and then he views your MySpace profile the script will make his profile and photo available.

    To help me get screenshots I would appreciate it if you could
    -register on profiletracer with your LEGIT myspaceID. If you do not sign up with a myspaceid I will not forward $F.
    -view this profile:

    If you just want to look at the functionality the demo:demo account is working.

    Please comment on any bugs , display issues or any general input oyu might have.

    Many thanks,

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    I don't understand these MySpace things. But it looks just like statistics script, nice job.

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    Its Looks good, Can you use the tracker on regular websites?

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