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    pr4 myspace resource site avg. $10/day 1k uniques+/daily + 12k Myspace account

    Well I sold my other myspace resource site, now I am selling off my main myspace site, and main site I own.

    Site has done very well with being very neglected. We are selling pimphub for several reasons.

    - We dont have much time to spend on it.

    - We need the extra time and money to spend on other projects.

    - To Upgrade our Server, This server cant handle all our websites so we need to get rid of some allthough its the arcade sites that are bogging down the server (they will be next to be sold off)

    The winning bidder will also get a 12k+ myspace account that has been used to send out an occasional bulletin, comment etc. ( can show you which programs to use)

    Its astonishing how much traffic the site gets while being neglected and not being up a percentage of the time. We are constantly needing to reboot the server.

    I am certain this site will do much better if placed on a better server and revenue should substantially increase.

    Revenue screenies (adsense):



    Bidding starts at $1,400.

    Includes a 12k+ account worth $120 in itself.

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    Earnings looked very good in early september, but has dropped massively on the 17th, so what makes it worth $1400 if its only making a couple of dollars a day?
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    The earnings have dropped the day I moved it onto a new server. The server it has been on has been down a ton, it has not only effected my earnings on the myspace site, but all my sites. This is due to the hard disk having errors (thats what te server provider says) as well as I have many arcade sites on the server which is bogging it down.

    The site hasnt been promoted and has been very neglected, with a little SEO and link sales/trades this site can be a monster. It has been around for over 7 months and gets Search engine traffic.

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    how much space and transfer does it use each month?
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