OK folks here it is...

I looking to host multiple domains with php5 and mysql5 and decent uptime and support with generous bandwidth... or at least a host I can scale nicely without getting held up.

I've been searching for a better part of this year... and if you talk to the folks at php.net and mysql.com you would think the hosting community has jumped this hurdle already but thats not the case from what I've seen.

As most of you well know Cpanel (which most of you use) does not like these 2 things to co-exist and thus this config. goes like the pink elephant in the room because most of you don't want to deal with this and it requires some custom development in your backend to make this happen for your user base.

After going to several classes and conferences this year I can tell you folks you're missing out on a LOT OF MONEY because you are stuck on 4.

You the buzz word "Web 2.0" everyone is throwing around now? Developers need 5 to build widgets and apps that will push this game to the next level... I'm no server admin so VPS and dedicated is out of the question.

So I ask you... where do you stand on this and do you know of companies that support this config. other than dreamhost.com and a2hosting.com