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    Unhappy External monitor on laptop - Help


    i own compaq laptop with Intel 82852/82855 GM/GME graphics controller (onboard) on my laptop which has 15.4 inch display and supports 1024x768 resolution and have external monitor port. I have checked and my 15" monitor works just fine with it which have same resolution. Now, I want to buy 19" TFT monitor with 1280x1024 resolution and hook up with laptop. My question is: Will my laptop support this resolution?

    i checked intel web site and internet but didn't found any exact answer. Now what i am thinking is go to some computer store which has 19" in stock and test it before buying.

    Please suggest.

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    Likely hood of it supporting a higher resolution is 0. Usually with resolution rather you have a monitor that can go higher or not it will give you an option to change it to a higher resolution. Since yours does not I would assume it has a max resolution of 1024.

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    15.4" laptop will support wxga. that's 1280x800.

    15" is 1024x768

    do a google and you will see.

    and yes your laptop external graphics should easily support 1280x1024.

    the details should be on the manufacturer's site.
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